Armor on the Move: A Personal Commitment to Safety

In a pivotal moment back in June 2018, as I was perusing the automotive landscape, an article caught my attention. The article, titled “Armored Car Sales In Mexico And Brazil Near Record Levels Due To Rising Crime, Report Says,” published by Jay Ramey on June 27, 2018, in Auto Week News, shed light on the increasing demand for armored vehicles in Mexico and Brazil.

Understanding the Armored Car Surge

According to the report, rising crime rates, particularly in Mexico and Brazil, were driving individuals to seek heightened security measures for their daily commutes. The article discussed the booming demand for armored cars, citing record crime levels, including a staggering 25,000 murders in Mexico in 2017. This surge in demand, as highlighted by Reuters, projected a 10% increase in the number of cars converted to armored specifications in Mexico, reaching up to 3,284 vehicles.

Brazil, with its larger market, witnessed even more substantial figures, boasting sales of 15,145 armored cars in the previous year. The expectation of a 25% jump in demand for 2018 indicated a pressing need for secure transportation solutions.

A Turning Point: From Reader to Entrepreneur

Reading about the pressing security concerns in these regions struck a chord with me. It fueled a determination to contribute to the safety of individuals who faced real threats during their daily routines. The decision to delve into the armored executive transport industry was born from a desire to provide a service that prioritizes customer safety above all.

A Market Driven by Unique Threats

The threats faced in Mexico and Brazil, as outlined in the article, were distinctive. Instead of political assassinations, the primary risks were kidnapping and armed robbery attempts. This nuanced understanding of the security landscape informed the choice of lower ballistic levels, such as B5, which could withstand handgun fire but not assault rifles.

Paving the Way for Secure Transportation

Learning that automakers were taking steps to localize production in Mexico, including renowned brands like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Jeep, and BMW, underscored the industry’s recognition of the rising demand. The advantages for customers, including lower prices and factory warranties, showcased a growing commitment to addressing the security needs of the community.
Commitment to Safety: From Concept to Reality
As I embarked on the journey to establish Blindado VIP, the commitment was clear – to offer more than just a service; it was about providing peace of mind. The focus on customer service, coupled with a dedication to safety, became the cornerstone of my venture.

Our Approach to Security

Blindado VIP takes pride in adopting a comprehensive approach to security. Understanding the unique challenges faced by our clients, we provide executive armored transportation with fortified layers of protection. Our commitment goes beyond offering luxurious travel experiences; it is about ensuring unparalleled safety in every journey.

Conclusion: A Safer Tomorrow

As incidents of attacks on high-profile individuals in places like Sao Paulo, Brazil, involving F1 champions and crews, underscore the need for robust security measures, Blindado VIP Executive Armored Transport stands as a beacon of safety. The decision to enter this industry was not just a business move but a personal commitment to contributing to a safer tomorrow. Your safety is our priority, and Blindado VIP remains dedicated to setting the standard for secure executive transportation in São Paulo and beyond.