As we reflect on the conclusion of 2022

As we reflect on the conclusion of 2022, the São Paulo Public Security Secretariat (SSP) has divulged comprehensive crime data for the city throughout the year. This analysis allows us to scrutinize variations in numbers compared to the preceding year (2021), offering insights into both positive and negative trends in public security within the capital.

Intentional Homicides:

São Paulo witnessed a notable decline in intentional homicides, marking the lowest figure in two decades. The SSP-SP reported 583 murders in the capital in 2022, a 4% decrease from the previous year. This mirrors a national trend of decreasing homicide rates, prompting debates among specialists regarding the contributing factors. While some attribute the improvement to enhanced security measures by law enforcement, others point to a temporary truce among major criminal organizations, such as the Red Command (CV) and the First Capital Command (PCC).


Property Crimes:

In contrast to the decline in homicides, property crimes, including robbery and theft, exhibited an upward trajectory. São Paulo recorded 143,936 robbery cases in 2022, a 12% increase from 2021, along with a nearly 12% rise in theft cases, reaching 276,308 incidents. Experts attribute this surge to a rise in cell phone-related crimes, specifically targeting Pix transfers and bank transactions facilitated by mobile apps. Gangs have exploited these avenues, drawing attention from entities like the First Command of the Capital (PCC).


Vehicle Crimes:

Vehicle-related crimes experienced a 17% increase in 2022, with 56,183 cases of robbery or theft compared to 47,987 in the previous year. Factors contributing to this spike include the higher number of vehicles on the roads, implemented to curb the spread of the coronavirus, and the rising cost of new cars, leading to an aging fleet and increased demand for replacement parts.

Motorcycle Crimes:

Motorcycle-related crimes surged by 38% in 2022, totaling 39,462 incidents compared to 28,627 in 2021. Criminals often target high-value motorcycles for other criminal activities, while less powerful ones are dismantled to supply the clandestine market.


Cases of kidnapping through extortion in São Paulo surged by 132% in 2022, recording 44 incidents compared to 19 in 2021. Factors contributing to this increase include criminals specializing in banking transactions (Pix and banking apps) and those exploiting dating apps for scams.


Downtown São Paulo:

The downtown Cracolândia region witnessed an increase in thefts and robberies, reaching 43 thefts and 25 robberies per day in 2022. This represents a 66% increase in robberies and a 45% increase in thefts from the previous year. Operation Caronte, the relaxation of sanitary measures, the resurgence of commercial activities, and a decline in security personnel are identified as primary factors contributing to the rise in property crimes in downtown São Paulo.

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As we delve into the intricacies of São Paulo’s public security challenges, the recently disclosed 2022 crime data by the São Paulo Public Security Secretariat (SSP) sheds light on both positive and concerning trends. At Blindado VIP, we recognize the dynamic nature of security concerns and continually refine our services to address the evolving needs of our clients.

  1. Intentional Homicides: The decline in intentional homicides, reaching a two-decade low in 2022, signals a positive trend. However, the underlying factors prompting debates among specialists highlight the importance of remaining vigilant. Blindado VIP understands the significance of providing a secure environment for our clients. Our executive armored transportation offers an additional layer of protection, ensuring peace of mind amid changing security dynamics.
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  4. Kidnapping: The alarming surge in kidnapping cases through extortion emphasizes the need for heightened awareness. Criminals adapting to new avenues, such as banking transactions and dating apps, necessitate proactive security measures. Blindado VIP goes beyond transportation; we prioritize the safety of our clients by adopting a vigilant stance to counter emerging threats.
  5. Downtown São Paulo: The challenges faced in the downtown Cracolândia region underscore the multifaceted nature of security concerns. Operation Caronte, the relaxation of sanitary measures, and a decline in security personnel contribute to the rise in property crimes. Blindado VIP recognizes the importance of adaptability. Our services incorporate the latest security protocols, ensuring a secure journey for our clients in dynamic urban environments.

Learning and Adapting:

At Blindado VIP, we view every piece of information as a learning opportunity. As São Paulo grapples with evolving security dynamics, our commitment to our clients remains unwavering. We continuously adapt our strategies, incorporating lessons from these insights to further enhance our services.

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